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I am aware we get inside views when users open our posts and we get outside views when we share our posts. And the views increase gradually as and when our posts are opened. 

Strangely I came across a couple of users who got views within minutes of their posts being published – 160 views in 30 minutes with no responses nor the post was shared. 

This takes me to Bubblews where a couple of users there used to get thousands of views within minutes and despite reporting the Site was quiet about it.  The more views meant more money for the Site is what I thought and that is why  the Site was quiet.  But soon they lost their Adsense account  and eventually they had to close shop. 

Despite reporting Admin here has ignored the reporting and could it be there will be a repeat of Bubbles here as well?  

Your opinion will be highly appreciated. 

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  1. Whenever I share posts, I usually copy and paste the url and I don’t use the sharing functions, because they haven’t worked in the past often. I don’t know what’s the case, but I prefer not to assume the worst.

    • Depends from where one gets those views. If one has not shared their posts and not many have opened those posts one wonders how one can get 160 views in just 30 minutes. I am confused myself and would be happy if anyone here could explain it.

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