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Victory ~ Wednesday Shadows

As dark reflections, shadows are always unique; its beauty is also its mystery. True self-seekers believe that shadows are the front door to enter rooms or passageways with their respective doors, with each mystery, fearful uncertainty, and painful crushing.

Every step in every dark alley will continue to blind, nullify their existence, as the light in the noon, or river water in the sea.

Truth seekers know that by just accept themselves as seen in their visible visions without entering their darkness, they will only always grope in a bright place. They know that they must learn to know themselves to know who they are.

Our meeting with the darkness of our own shadow is the beginning of a meeting with the true self. Victory lives on itself, after surpassing all unpredictable surprises, beyond the infinite expanse where darkness and light are the same beings, without above and below, without outside or inside, where here means there too.

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