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Verbenas come in so many beautiful colors and shades . It is an easy plant to grow in the garden and it is low maintenance too. The moss/ trailing verbena makes an excellent ground cover. It is a perennial which loves sunny climates.

Powdery mildew is the only disease to attack the verbenas, which can be avoided if they are planted in full sun. Slugs love verbena too as I have figured out lately. Just a bit of Epsom salt added to the container or put around the plants could help deter slugs.

Just a two to three inch cutting is enough to start a new plant.  I love the moss verbena or the trailing verbena the most. These planted in hanging pots are show stoppers.

These are the most rewarding plants for new gardeners.

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      • I just read about this flower, and apparently Verbena brasiliensis, which later came to be called Verbena Semeru (because the species lives on Mt. Semeru as well as on Mount Bromo, and some lake areas in East Java) are invasive plants that are calculated very potentially as a threat for ecosystems and the environment.