Vendors and beggars in the church

There is a part in the Bible that says Jesus got angry with the vendors and beggars in the temple. That means beggars and vendors have been in the church ever since that time. Until now a church is not considered a real church when there is no vendor and no beggar either. Where people are, there are the vendors and the beggars.

In this modern age, the trick is still the same that people who go to church have a kind heart that can be utilized to give to the beggars. Those selling flowers and candles also rely on the faithful for the sales. But now there are also fruits and vegetables being sold by the church yard. Things are getting better for the vendors.

  • Are there beggars in your church?

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    • sometimes
    • no


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  1. I don’t recall any mention of beggars in the Gospel accounts of the Cleansing of the Temple. Sellers of sacrificial animals are mentioned, as are moneychangers. Luke’s account merely says “them that sold and them that bought”, which covers any sort of trade, but still no beggars!

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