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Using children in begging

A child beggar is a common sight in the streets of the metro not because there are lots of paupers here. Some parents are using their children to gain sympathy from the motorists in the streets. It is incredible to know that they earn more than double the earnings of a basic wage earner. And all the parent does is to sit by the curb and just wait for the child to remit the money.

There is a law against mendicancy but it seems that the government is helpless in implementing the said law. Even the cops just turn a blind eye. The reason is the social welfare department and the human rights commission. Those institutions are always in defense and in support of children.

  • Is there a child beggar in your city?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. We used to have the same situation before, but now we no longer have it.
    The government makes a program where the police patrol daily and took those kinds of people and bring them to the social service organization to educate them with skill to work properly. So next time for when police find out those still doing that kind of action on the road, they will be punished and it scared them.

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