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US lady Jailed for feeding stray cats

United state :  Ohio court sentenced a 79 year-old woman to 10 days in prison for feeding stray cats and Nancy Sigiolo’s sentencing begins August 11.

According to police, the neighbor of Nancy complained to the local administration that the house was deteriorating due to the cats wandering in their house, on which the police sent a notice to Nancy Sigiolo in 2015. Later in May 2017, the 79-year-old woman was further charged with feeding the stray  cats at her residence.

Be Clear In the United States, providing food to stray animals is a punishable offense under the City Ordinance

Last week, Nancy Sigiolo admitted to the court that she had fed stray cats against the court’s ruling. On her confession, the court sentenced the woman to 10 days in prison for contempt of court.

After the judicial decision, she said: ‘I also had pet cats who were dead and my husband is not even alive, I am alone in such a way I love cats and their children and feed them and passing life.’ She  added that 8 to 10 cats are circling their house and I have a lot of pity so I give them something to eat.

She said she has already paid $ 2,000 in fines. What I did was not so punishing as many people were doing very bad things.

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  1. If I was there I would like to have a talk with her neighbor. The neighbor may just be an irrational jerk who loves causing trouble. “There are cats around here all the time” is something that is a problem? Why? For my neighbors I feel that people have a right to live their lives as they wish.

  2. It’s crazy to have such a law. I see no point in it. Better to make more shelters for stray animals. And also try to send real criminals to prison. I am sorry that Nancy Sigiolo paid $ 2000 in fines and was sentenced to 10 days in prison for contempt of court.

  3. Compared to homicides, thefts, violence and drugs Nancy’s offence and punishment makes no sense whatsoever… I agree that feeding stray cats can attract other rodents but as long as the area she feeds them in is kept clean, there should be no problem. I pity Nancy and the strays…

  4. There needs to be better services for dealing with stray cats and controlling the stray cat population. Here it is against the law to have more than 6 cats so if you are feeding stray cats they are considered yours and you could get a warning or a fine.

  5. In my country if animals caused problems then the animal will be removed (usually put to death)… at the place I live, the cats feeder knows they’ve responsibility to keep the area clean and have to clear off food scraps else if anyone complains then they(the ministry) will have to do something about it.

    I’m not sure what really happen with Nancy and her neighbours. So I won’t say much.

  6. That isn’t a crime. It’s a crazy law. The fines she paid exceeds the other offences committed by people. It’s so sad. They didn’t consider she was kind to abandoned cats that were helpless.

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