US Famous Olympic Cyclist Kelly Caltin Committed Suicide

The world famous US Olympic medalist cyclist 23 year old Kelly Catlin allegedly committed suicide. The National Cycling Board declared their death as an incredible loss.

US Media says Kelly Catlin was among in those best female cyclists, who made american team as world champion continuously in 2016,2017,2018. In the Olympic Games, Kelly, represented the United States and received a silver medal. Kelly family reported her suicide.

Kelly Caltin was found dead in American hostels at Stanford University hostel in California. The body was shifted to the hospital. She was the youngest among three siblings. Despite being a cyclist, she was a engineering student in the university.

Caltin father deeply expressed his disapproval, saying, “This death is incredible for me.” a moment is not going to pass away from his memory. ‘she is always in my mind.Police says , Investigation of this allegedly suicide underway. According to initial reports, Caltin had a mental pressure for several months.

  • Why would one wish to suicide ?

    • Yes -Depression leads to Suicide
    • No – Depression can not leads to suicide

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  1. It is a shame that Kelly Catlin died so young from suicide. Pressure from other people can lead to suicide since we live in a society that demands a no tolerance policy for failure which usually out of our control.

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