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US court declared mandatory skirt policy unconstitutional.

A lawsuit was filed against a school in the US state of South Carolina forcing girls to wear skirts, The court declared the policy unconstitutional and ordered it to be abolished.

After wearing this dress, many girls complained that they fee cold and also feel unsafe and uncomfortable. The parents of the girls complained to the school about the policy, but the school said it was customary to wear a skirt.

The district judge said the girls were being forced to wear clothing that would prevent them from playing races comfortably, while they are also compel to sit uncomfortably in the classroom which is affecting their education.

The judge said that the girls are buried under a burden from which children should be free, simply because they are girls. After the court decision, the girls and their parents have expressed great happiness that they can wear a dress that they feel comfortable in.

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  1. I think children should wear what they have. I don’t really believe in uniforms or that you have to force children to wear certain clothing.
    We used to have to wear uniforms for schools but uniforms expense can be hard for parents to pay for.

  2. In my opinion, the judge made the right decision. No one can determine how we dress. When I went to school we had a milder command. We had to wear gowns.

  3. I wish this judge would have been around when we had to wear skirts all through school. Now the kids can wear jeans. We girls would have been much more comfortable wearing pants than skirts!