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Upside Down ~ Wacky Wednesday

Sharing a special photo with today’s Wacky Wednesday challenge. This photo is from my Eeyore collection. The writing on the front reads… Some Days Look Better Upside Down. I can relate so much to these words. A lot going on lately personally. And many days I do feel upside down.

Eeyore always helps me through as he always brings a smile. Sounds silly to many probably, but you gotta go with what works. Eeyore, Pooh and Tigger on this music box really made me smile today. 

If you are not familiar with these characters, they are all from Disney’s Winnie the Pooh collection.


  • Whatever gets you through the day is what you do, right?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by Carol DM


  1. That quote is so true. I often wonder people say that they cant draw people, when sometimes, if you try to draw up side down, you will be surprised that you did it in the finish.

    If people say they cant draw, then what have they got to lose by drawing a face while looking at it upside down?

  2. Almost every day is the same. I get home in the morning by 8:30. I go to the sea on the beach. I’m there by 12:00. When I get home, I sit at the computer. Then I prepare the evenings. And at 18:30 I leave for work. I like to do what pleases me. Saturday and Sunday I go out to take pictures. He likes Disney characters.

  3. I agree with Eeyore. Yes, every day seems to have a slight difference to it. I started major clean up on my little apartment today and discovered that even though I feel fine and I am doing all right once I get the things picked up and fixed up to throw away there is no way I can continue with vacuuming until the next day because my lower back has had enough with bending and stooping. Kind of surprising for someone who thinks they can continue to rock on through life.

  4. Interesting photo, dear friend … I didn’t know where these characters were … thanks for the explanation…I wish you a nice evening