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Updates on the Virily Changes and Some New Findings…

If you already read my latest post, The Current Changes on Virily – an Info from the Admin and the New Look of Posts on Profile Posts Pages (and think more to come…)!!! 😀 😉, you saw I posted about some new features on the site like Collections (I also wrote about the new look of the Profile Posts page and some new features there, therefore the new way of approaching Editing posts too)… It is now updated and there is the Collections section in the Menu of our Profile pages so it is very easy to access them… Also, the way of adding posts to that section is the way I explained in the previous post (the link above) but now that way is improved by implementing those same options I explained there inside every post too, so you can directly add an article to some of the Collections…

Sabrina nicely noticed that Collections can be either Public or Private so I guess the Collections section shows only the Public ones to the Profile visitors…

I also noticed one more thing which I’m not sure has much with the updates but I hope will be fixed too..

If you take a look at the Polls page you will see the small dropping menu under the “Archives: Polls” title.. In that menu you can choose between different Polls like Latest, Oldest, Most Discussed, Most Viewed and Most Upvoted. When you click on some of those options it does show you the referred Polls but only until you click on the purple “Load More” button at the bottom of the page.. When you click on that button only the Latest Polls load… So…, I hope this will be noted and fixed too and I have to tell you what I also noticed there…! ;D

When I clicked on the Most Discussed Polls the page was full of my Polls with only two exceptions of 1 of Doc’s and 1 of Alex’s Polls…! Also, I found 5 of mine in the Most Upvoted ones… I was very surprised, excited and thankful at the same time to see this but I’m wondering if you see the same picture on your screens too or it’s just me…

I also noticed the site generally functions much better and faster now which is also great…!

Do you like the new changes and implementations on the site…? 🙂

Note: The photo is my own and not allowed for use. It is also a part of my Crazy Color Challenge – Indigo series of photos post. 

  • Do you like the new changes on the site?

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    • So-so
  • Did you notice the site works much faster now..?! 🙂

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  • Do you see the same polls like me on those Polls pages…?

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  • Do you like the photo and what do you think about it…? I like it very much…

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What do you think?

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  1. Again great article and explanations. But I just want to say, it should not be up to you or members to write about these changes but rather the Virily administration. ( I do not mind that you write a post on these changes because after all you will get paid for doing their work ). They are not too well connected with their members if they cannot advise us of upcoming or even already implemented changes until we log in and see what is happening. I had the same problem as one of your commenters. I attempted to write a comment underneath each one of the several pictures of a poster but Virily froze up every time and then I had to reload several time. Finally I gave up and I just wrote a general comment at the end of the article. This happened only two days ago. I have not tried it again so far. Now I am off to read your other post about the changes.

    • Thanks very much…!!! 🙂 Yes, I know what you mean, I understand… (Actually I won’t, except the normal payment I earn for by my regular activity here as all the other regular users here…). Although it can be looked at in a little different way, like sharing opinions and experiences about the site and it’s changes… 🙂
      Yes, I agree but since the situation is currently like this I guess it’s ok to share about such things… In the article you are about to read I wrote what I was informed about by the admin and that they are aware of the communication problems and said they are working on the communication as well…
      Hmmm, not sure I had such problem (I had some other…) but it was probably a temporary glitch, maybe they are working on these fixes and implementations so such things happen… (I also wrote about that in the article you’re about to read…, hehehe :))

      Thanks much for commenting!!!

  2. I just wrote a comment on Doc’s post:
    “If I consider all this complex complexity, if there is a problem, I prefer to understand that they (admin for example) are working hard to improve, renew, develop, enhance, improve, beautify this place. Indeed, such conditions often unpleasant.”

    To be sure, I enjoy renewal here and be grateful.

    • Not sure why you wrote this, I wasn’t complaining on the “problems”… I actually wrote in my previous post to this one which info I got from the admin so all the problems that are happening are due to the implementing process that is still going on… I also wrote about the plans for the site that the admin told me.. Therefore I don’t mind the problems and conditions because I know what’s going on, and obviously these things that are being implemented are causing them but only for a short period…
      The things I mentioned here as “problems” I think aren’t connected to the implementations… But I mostly wrote about the changes in a very positive way, supporting and liking them and explaining some of the new implementations for the ones that didn’t know about them…

      I enjoy it too…

      • I think you are one of the positive interpreters here remembering several times you said a positive message after contacting the admin. I mean to say the above is that many friends often feel quite frustrated when there are some disorders in Virily and cause them to experience difficulties and waste time which in the end we can all see positive improvement here and not what they worry about.

        A post like this is also a positive appreciation for Virily that is good to do, and you have done it.

  3. As much as many changes have made the site good I have an important issue. I am making photo galleries and today I wanted to comment on what some people had said under some photos. I could not comment but the page froze up. The only place I could comment was in the comment section. I do not understand why I could not make responses right under my photos like others had. Your photo is awesome. Great shot.

    • Hmm, not sure I know anything about it, haven’t been posting galleries these days but it’s certainly weird… Yes, I understand… Could be because the changes are still in the process, I wrote about it in the article previous to this one (the first about the changes and also what the admin said about it…)… :/)
      Thank you very much, really glad you think so..!!! 😀

  4. This past weekend I had trouble logging in to the site. Kept getting an error while trying to log on with my cell phone. It has been fixed now, but hopefully it doesn’t turn into something bigger like me having to create a new page, losing everything in have done so far.

        • Well…, sometimes they do sometimes they don’t… I do get a lot of views sometimes, depending on the theme too, but not always that many comments….. 😐 (you know what I’m thinking now, hehehehehh ;)) Especially lately since I had some conflicts with some people… :/

        • I think no need for that, it never happened to me, and I’m opening like dozens of pages in tabs… 😉 No, I meant first you do the opening only (no matter whose posts), then you close everything and then start commenting the new posts…

          • I’ll keep doing it the way I do it. And besides, I like the pace I do it at because I rarely have lots of time to reply everyones comments at the same time. They will get replied, just not immediately as I am responding now : )

        • Yes, I now see you maybe didn’t understand what I meant… When I said opening posts I meant not the one you are giving replies to, not the ones from the notifications, but other un-opened posts, but nevermind… You can do the way you like and that suits you the best, just trying to share some other possible options with people…..

          I understand that, sometimes I have such problems too, and of course, responding to them one by one too…..

        • OK, I understand…

          Hehehe, OK!… 😀 ( I think you are not getting any for these like I don’t on yours when there is more than 3 comments on other people’s posts btw…:) )

          Actually, when I mentioned opening posts I did mean what you wrote but I think I also meant only opening posts, like you open posts to earn Virils only by opening until you reach your daily limit (the things I wrote about in my recent articles about earning more here…!)… 😉

        • Yes, there is, how didn’t you know that…..?!? :)) Hahaha, well you don’t do it anyway when it comes to commenting I think…? :/ 🙂

          There is a limit 50 Virils for other people’s articles but unlimited for your own… Also, you can get only 3 on other user’s article (how much you can comment and reply in a thread… = 3)… Everything else goes only to the author of the text…
          Also, there is something about collocating Virils and how they are calculated when commenting both at the same time and separately, but I’m preparing an article about that as the part of my theme I already published about and that is “Earning More on Virily” so pay attention to it…..! ;D

    • OK, I think it’s generally slow today including me too… Thank YOU for commenting…

      PS Sorry I simply haven’t managed to comment your new posts (except that note for another member about editing posts who doesn’t seem to care about it though) even though I liked the photos very much… Lately your posts are all about the pink/burgundy plants and leaves which I love so I hope I will comment later…

  5. Hehe, nice photo! Its slightly romantic feel to it!
    Polls about Virily are really popular I guess… and yes, yours are on the Most Discussed list
    I guess many users are concerned about what happens here!

    • Thanks, glad you like it..! Yes, I think so too…! 🙂
      Yes, seems so, I made a lot of them… It’s weird because when I made a poll about my posts most voted for my art posts and only 1 for the Virily themed ones, hehehe… 😉 I also get much more views and comments on these… Thanks for checking…! 😀 😉
      Yes, that is why I wrote that other article with the info from an admin about it, just to know what’s going on…

  6. Thanks for mentioning me! I didn’t notice there was a dropping menu in the Polls Archive page. Yes, the polls concerning Virily are popular, and you’re currently the leader of the Most Discussed polls. Congratulations! 😃
    Speed of the site aside, most of the updates weren’t exactly our priorities, but it looks like we appreciated them anyway. 🙂
    It’s a lovely photo, very soothing. I really like its colors! 😍

    • You are welcome, I thought you might mind it… :/ 🙂 Yes, me neither… I think it was always there just haven’t noticed… :/ Thanks and thanks for checking..! 🙂
      I think they are working on many things and I think the speed is a great improvement…! 🙂 When it comes to the look, I think some of those things were important too… 😉
      Thank you, I’m really glad you like it, I feel it that way too and like the colors as well…! 🙂

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