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Update on the “Last Month’s Earnings” and (the Explanation of) How the Dashboard Updates (and How to Interpret It…!)

Even though I already wrote about this thoroughly in my previous articles, Virily – How the Payments are Calculated and Made – the Simpler Version + Some Additional Explanations and Info…! and Virily – How the Payments Are Calculated and Made and How to Interpret the Dashboard – the Confusions Resolved…!!!, seems some things are still not clear…..

There were a couple of articles published these days asking and writing about this thing but seems not many paid their attention to what I actually wrote in my previous article about the Dashboard, where I partially explained the thing that happened on the Dashboard on the first day of its update…..

In that article I expressed my worries about the Last Month section that actually wasn’t showing the right amount before the Dashboard’s update due to the things I explained in that article and those things are partially explaining why the Dashboard wasn’t updated in full at first

(My/)The Dashboard was showing the Last Month’s earnings (for May) but since it has updated a couple of days before the end of the month (in May) the earnings for those couple of days were missing (I explained everything in my previous article, Last Month’s Earnings on The Dashboard)

Also, since the Dashboard wasn’t updated before the end of the (previous) month (June) and the new month (July) already started, on midnight it automatically turned into all zeros first, like I also explained in the “Update” part of my previous article, Last Month’s Earnings on The Dashboard, and then everything else was updated…

At first I thought the updated Last Month section was showing the updated May earnings (the thing I wrote about in the previous article, Last Month’s Earnings on The Dashboard) but after the second update everything became clear… Due to the beginning of the new month some things updated differently than they usually do when the Dashboard updates at the end of the month, so…:

– instead of showing May, the Last Month section automatically switched into showing June earnings (at first I forgot it happened the same at the beginning of the previous month too – the sections switching places automatically!!!),

May earnings didn’t show up in the Dashboard (or I missed it) but are now showing in the Balance and yes, they are updated with the right sum (the thing I was asking in the previous article, Last Month’s Earnings on The Dashboard), and

the Total = Unpaid + This Month currently shows only This Month’s earnings (July) for the ones who were paid for May…! (not sure if May earnings previously showed up there earlier – in the Unpaid, I missed it)

I hope it is at least a little more clear now how the Dashboard updates….. 😉


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  1. I am a newbie here and since you seem to help out my problem is different. I wrote my first post and it has yet to be approved. I cannot contact them as each time I try to do that it keeps saying there is an error try again.

    I have no plans to post until my first post is approved and also would like to know how many posts can one write here in a day.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hello and welcome…..! 😀
      Posts are usually approved the next day except on weekends when the admins are usually not working so only the “verified” users can post then…
      Yes, it doesn’t work so if you want to contact them you can write them on or a private message on admins’ profiles….. But the problem is they are sometimes not answering (when there is actually no real problems and some similar situations)…

      I think your first is already approved today, and I’m not sure about the number of posts… You can submit as many as you want I think but I’m not sure if all will be approved the same day although they probably will…

      Thanks for visiting and commenting…..! 🙂 I will visit your post later, I spent all my daily Virils for today…

        • Generally limits are 50 for commenting other people’s articles, unlimited for our own, 100 posts (= 100 Virils) for opening articles, and 100 posts ( = 200 Virils) for opening polls, quizzes, vs’s and similar… But take a look at those articles because there are some other important info about it – not calculated the same depending on the order of doing it and also have some additional info about it in preparation…! 🙂

  2. I’m already taking a snapshot of the update at the end of the month. I keep it. Then I compare it and do not “bump my head” with the update issues. This is my solution to this problem. Thanks.

    • That is a good way to keep track too… This time I remembered the sum so that is the way I compared it later…..
      This was actually about the earnings that showed up or not on the Dashboard… Many can’t remember that the Dashboard doesn’t update everything immediately – at the same time but that some things show up later so always thinking something is missing while it actually just updates a little later…..

        • Thank you very much for thinking so…! I actually think I exaggerated a little with them, posting too much about it, and planned to finish with the couple of my previous posts but, unfortunately, the questions have arisen again, so I felt the need to publish about it again although it really became pretty much overwhelming…
          I also noticed your posts about it and think a couple of you post some good things and information about it too, and that I’m not the only one who “knows” something about it, since I can be wrong and do make mistakes sometimes too… 😉
          Here I just wanted to pay attention to the things that many were wondering about and also I have to post another one with the correction of this one after I saw your yesterday’s post about the Dashboard just today actually, so I will include it as the info in my article too, if you don’t mind…! 😉
          And thanks much again…!!! 🙂

      • One day I have nothing on my dashboard at all and then the next day I have low figures on everything I see on the dashboard. Like total earned $4.00. Then I think maybe I did not work hard enough this month
        Then totally unexpected, I actually get paid.
        When I look next I see
        and then the next thing I know the dashboard has changed again.
        Maybe Virily calculates in stages so that the dashboard does not tell us what the score is straight away?

        • Hmmmm, not sure I understand your situation quite well… :/ I know I (and probably many other people too) don’t have almost anything on it except the Last Month earnings which are there during the whole month and everything else appears only at the end of the month when the update on all profiles happens…

          I’m not what actually happens on yours but maybe there are some irregularities on yours….. :/ But it is good you actually get paid correctly no matter of that… I know they are making payments despite the irregularities on the Dashboards but the problem would be if you weren’t paid, so it’s good you are…

          I know that the only calculation is the one that happens when the update at the end of the month happens…! Everything else you described is just strange and weird to me… I’m not sure if you actually described well the situation and I’m also not sure if you are reading the dashboard correctly too…..

        • You are welcome… You just confused me with the -7.00 info and some other things you explained are not that clear to me, so if there is a problem you can contact the support.. If you are regularly paid then everything is probably ok, I guess..
          It also depends WHEN exactly are you seeing these things you mentioned and in which parts of the dashboard so the situation is not that clear to me…..
          Also, it is important if you are interpreting it the right way so, many things to include in this problem and answer…..

    • You are very welcome…..!!! ;D

      PS Btw, now I saw one other member’s post and saw that May earnings were previously also written in the Unpaid too before the payment was made, so everything was actually updated properly (like always actually)….. 😉

    • Yes, they are…! 🙂 Glad you see and understand it…! 😉

      PS Btw, now I saw one other member’s post and saw that May earnings were previously also written in the Unpaid too before the payment was made, so everything was actually updated properly (like always actually)….. 😉

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