Up on the roof

The first time I heard the expression “up on the roof” was in a song. I don’t remember the exact lyrics anymore but the idea is climbing the roof to make you feel good or better. Some people go to the bedroom and lock the door to get space of their own. And some climb the roof to feel the space above. It is like communing with nature the easy way.

Up on the roof, you can see the vista from afar, what kind of houses there are and the trees if any. Of course, what you would normally see are also the roof of the neighbors. But you have to admit that there is a feeling of serenity since you are alone up there and nothing can seem to disturb you except the heat of the sun.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I don’t normally go onto rooftops. But I know a lot of these office blocks in London have like a garden on the rooftop with seating areas. I think this is nice for workers to have somewhere to sit and relax. It must be very nice in the summer time when the weather is nice.

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