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Up Close and Scary – Bumble Bees

Have you noticed where bumble bees make their homes ? I have never noticed this before . They have drilled 1/4 inch holes into all the tree trunks I have used as supports for my climbers in my garden. I ignored them at first but then over time they wouldn’t let me go near my moringa tree and collect the leaves or the seed pods.

Disturbing insects that are not harmful is something I don’t like to do,  so I let them be. There must have been about five pairs of bumble bees flying around at any given time of the day.  Then I noticed that there were things moving inside and making noise in the tree trunk even when the bumble bees were not around. Those noises made  me curious, I found that there were these scary looking babies inside, they would often peek around while I was watering my plants or digging around there.

Some of the pictures I took seemed scary to me. These are like owlets in my friends neighborhood. Only thing these creatures are just about an inch or more in size. Today I realized that they have grown big enough and have flown away. This picture was taken four days ago.

I thought I need to share them for the Saturday Critter challenge.

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    Do these babies look creepy to you?

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    Do you see two holes on this tree trunk? Doesn’t it look like it has been drilled through using an drill?

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