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Unique Numbers

I am a person who often pays attention to numbers. Not because I am a fan of mathematics, which even I am not good at hanging out with. Maybe because I like the signs, whatever, or maybe because I like numerology a little.

Just to show that interest, I posted this screenshot. That number impressed me when I read my profile after logging in a moment ago. It might be nothing special, let alone show certain signs, but for me, this is only interesting because of the six numbers, the five numbers are the same number. That’s all…

I know that in recent months the number of points has increased very slowly, of course, because I am not active here… lol. I do not know with that point in what rank I am currently at. By the way, until now I do not understand the purpose of the numbers listed on TODAY and BEST, how about you?

  • Do you like to pay attention to the signs around you?

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    • No
  • Do you like to pay attention to unique numbers?

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    • No

What do you think?

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  1. numbers are interesting – I love to catch the unique moments.
    9999 miles in your car, watching for the moment that crosses 10000
    99 views on a post, watching for 100!

    Round numbers, expected numbers, the universe sends messages in the numbers we see.

  2. We live daily surrounded or influenced by numbers. We do not always know their meaning but they certainly influence us. I often watch the clock at 11:11. 12:12 13:13 …. Does this have any meaning? I don’t know, but I think maybe it’s a sign!

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