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Understanding Ignorance

When conducting cooperate seminars the subject “always” seem to come up. I am beginning to believe that ignorance may be the most misunderstood word in the English language.  Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge or information. Ignorance can easily be cured with knowledge.  Here are some other ways to express it. :uneducated · knowledgeable · untaught · unschooled · untutored · untrained · illiterate · unlettered · unlearned · unread · uninformed · unenlightened · scholarly · unqualified ·

Ignorance should never be an insult. It should to an opportunity to educate. Some recent called my grandson ignorant and he proudly said, “Then please teach me because ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge.”  The adult was shocked. My grandson then took it a bit farther than I would have liked, and still it was interesting. 

“Maybe you were trying to call me stupid. That’s a very different thing. Do you know the difference?”

About that time I ended the conversation as we had to get moving.

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    Is this the definition you use for ignorance?

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    Do you respect people who are ignorant?

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  1. Ignorance what a wonderful word of the day!

    To be ignorant by circumstance means you’ve never been introduced to a topic. it is acceptable to be ignorant by circumstance.

    To be ignorant by choice, that is bad!

    My grandfather always said (it is not his quote) ” better to be thought of as stupid, then open your mouth and prove it!”

  2. Too many of our countrymen rejoice in stupidity, look upon ignorance as a badge of honor. They condemn everything they don’t understand. Tallulah Bankhead, in Tallulah: My Autobiography (1952)

    Looks like this kind of mentality is the trend these days.

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