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Under The Shadow ~ Wednesday Shadows

One of the places that Blue likes to sleep lately is on the shelve under the table. The place is actually very small and cannot accommodate the whole body, but I don’t know why he likes to lie down and sleep there.

Even Black is often inspired by him to enjoy that narrow space together. Of course, you can imagine how they have to stack up there, but that condition does not disturb their peace. Maybe because at that place Blue felt in the shadow of remembering that the wrought iron table was a little in the corner of the dining room with lights that were far up there.

Seeing the closeness of Black and Blue, who are always willing to share places, even in the narrowest places, I learned that as long as we have compassion and breadth of heart then limitations are not an obstacle to sharing.

I know that some of you are cat lovers so I am sure that you have also received many lessons, besides their various pleasures and entertainment.

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  1. I think humans and animals in general have similar tendencies. More so the house inhabitants who often take on more human characteristics. It could be quite possible that these majestic creatures are here to teach how to behave without speaks words.

  2. Adorable. Cats like to get cozy for sure. I learn from my cats every day. The main lesson is not to worry.. about anything… everything is going to be alright. I feel that from both of them. Especially when they sit in my lap and purr. So relaxing and it takes all my worries away.

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