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Under The Same Sky ~ Black & White Friday

Ambitious people will look up to see what needs to be achieved next, again and again, and look down to see what can and should be stepped on to bring them up higher.

While people who are introspective look up to make sure they are small or even feel that they do not really exist, and look down to ensure their boundaries.

There is nothing wrong between the two. It was only about the different directions and ends of a journey despite stepping on the same land and under the same sky. Even the banana trees never deterred from growing their leaves even though every leaf of their struggle was always torn apart by strong winds.

  • Are you sure about the direction and purpose of your life?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. What an interesting image choice for your thoughts and question, Albert. I suspect if you change the word sure in your question you would get many more answers that were different.

    Do you understand the direction of your life?
    Do you enjoy the direction of your life?
    Can you tell me the direction of your life?


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