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Under The Heat and Shade ~ Black & White Friday

Some of you must have seen this photo in the color version that I posted last week. Given the current conditions and situations, while the event was still warm in mind and memory, I thought it would not hurt to display this image once again in the black and white version.

Life is indeed colorful, and it can be beautiful but it can be bad too, and it depends on how you look. And, that’s where life becomes more interesting because everything is in the frame of duality. Hey … I’m sorry if I once again talk about duality. But, how else if that’s the thing that often revolves in my head, and which parts are also discussed by people around me lately. They, (and also me) like losing their balance by continuing to seek truth and victory. May we arrive upon the balance of the complementary twins, not to be in the midpoint between the two poles but to negate the two poles themselves.

I am so happy to be among you, in the colorful world, to learn together to enter the absence of duality, also to see life in reality through my daily prayer which is the harmony of my own thoughts, words, and actions to the Divine.

  • Do you agree that life is basically learning?

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  • Are we entitled to ourselves during this life learning?

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What do you think?

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  1. Very nice in black and white. A completely different look and feel to the photo. I would really like to be on that beach relaxing.

    I hope your weekend is going great and things are calm in your world my friend.

  2. Some time I think the black white era was very best rather this colorful era, people were simple , there were letter system post office system , people were so loyal to each and helping but today greediness, selfishness is on peak.

  3. Life is sometimes colorful and sometimes black and white depending on the situations that we are exposed to in life and the way we deal with itπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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