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It is getting hotter by the day, the temperatures are climbing higher  as we reach the peak of Summer. It is unbearable at this moment. We haven’t had rain in days and  its rather uncomfortable. The fans are whirring at full speed, the air conditioner is on yet if you go out to water the plants or just to hang the clothes to dry you come back like you’ve just come out of the shower.

Whatever has happened to our lovely weather. The summer heat has killed a few of my precious plants, despite the fact that I water them twice daily and keep the most delicate ones in the shade.  My dogs don’t even want to move, they just get into any room which as the air conditioner on and sleep there.

We need rain soon, it is unbearable, this summer weather.

This is a picture of a rain lily which is partially open.

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Written by Dawn


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  1. I have property in the desert where it reaches triple digits, but we dont have that humidity you have. You might have to purchase some shade cloth, and water only after the sun sets in the evening. I have wilted under the heat, and youve explained the feeling so well. Meika even turns nocturnal when it gets hot. I hope you get some rain soon.

    • We had some shade nets puts but the thunder storm with high winds rip them apart . I water early in the mornings and after sunset only. This year has been extremely hot. Just waiting for the rain to cool the land a bit.

      • Oh yes, I could see that. They dont take the wind to well. Had that problem on my desert property as well. Hopefully the rains will come soon, it is about that time! And hopefully with no hard winds. I wish a nice gentle rain for you. I think it will be hot here this year too. Of course I wont find out until July, thats when our hot weather hits. Luckily most of my tiny yard has a tree canopy.

  2. Here, we are not experiencing the hot weather. I know how it feels. As a person who sweats a lot due to many sweat glands, it is unbearable sweating when eating or walking a short distance. I’m not even obese.
    Here it is the rainy season.

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