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Tyrion Lannister have got doppelganger in Pakistan

A few days ago a picture was viral, which was found same face to Tyrion Lannister. But he is not a Hollywood actor but Pakistani waiter Rozi Khan, who work as waiter in local hotel.

Rozi Khan’s height is 4.5 inches, equally, the height of the Hollywood actor height is the same. Doppelganger Rozi Khan says people are dragging my pictures, but I do not have any problem, I’am famous everywhere because of these pictures.

Rozi Khan says where ever I go with my brother, So people ask my brother who am i ? and saying their appearance matches the actors of games of thrones.This is not a bad thing for me.

The movie games of Thrones has won 47 Amy Awards so far. Premier’s final series of Games of games of thrones  will be released on April 17 next month.

Rozi Khan was born in Mansehra city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan, He said that I am glad to know that my appearance meets the Tyrion Lannister and the height is equal to them.

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    Do you have your doppelganger ?

    • Yes
    • No
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    What will be your reaction if your doppelganger appear in front of you ?

    • I will invite him/her for Coffee
    • I will make him/her friend and add him on Facebook


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