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Turning Point

In line with the dynamics of life which according to people in common are obedient to Divine will, natural law, and a number of other laws that are not human production, almost, almost everyone has experienced significant changes after setting foot on the turning point of his life.

Maybe just a slap, maybe an accident, someone’s loss, or a cruel slander, a serious illness, bankruptcy, entering a prodeo hotel, or even an enlightenment, or a number of other possibilities, a person can change drastically from a position of conviction, thought, notion, behavior, fate, conditions and situations or other fundamentals. Positively, if you see good is only what looks good, then the understanding of turning points is an important event that changes a person’s life from a static situation to having the spirit of living, from taking refuge in a comfort zone to facing challenges, from frantic situations to being able to deal with problems , from the dark world to being exemplary figures, from vile people turn to be merciful and else.

Discussions of turning points that smell of certain interests, always talk only all that good about it, and generally motivational,  then direct, or conclude that the turning point occurs thanks to something, whether people, product brands or others.

The reality of actual turning points is not always stereotype; from left to right, from negative to positive but can be in various directions, it can even be a journey of life like zigzagging three dimensions from one turning point to another turning point, in points back and forth that makes someone “finally”, and “finally” and “end of end of it” determine the dignity and label themselves in the eyes of the audience, and especially in themselves. That is, the turning point is merely is a place to rotate, turning from one direction back in the same direction, or in a different direction, or everywhere…

If we have recognized the turning point of life, the next step is to rise up and find a solution to change, or conversely change to find a solution, which, however small, is the momentum that can give goodness (or even deeper severity) to ourselves, other people, and around us.

Many people experience a turning point, and realized or not, the story of their turning point is actually filled with inspiration and lesson that can inspire change for others. One thing is certain, one or two or many points, in fact, is the momentum to find the meaning of personal life. Besides, the turning point in the journey of life if mapped carefully and wisely has led us to this point, this present life, whether to be grateful, regretted or just simply ignored…

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