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The Turn on Some Comments in My Recent Post and Some (New) Virily Solutions POLL

Hi, my dear Virily friends!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

There was a not that pleasant discussion recently in one of my “newest” posts, So Many Wonderful Posts Worth Opening So Low Daily Limit…, some things were said, some things were WRONGLY UNDERSTOOD….. For example, the post’s focus was on the wonderful posts I’m/we’re missing because of the daily limit for opening posts (all limits are written in the FAQ under “How Virils are awarded”!), not on those things that developed in the comments… But, I guess, everyone will see what they want to see….. :/

One of the things that this post should have implied is maybe raising the limit or finding another, better, solution for the limits, like, for example, organize the limits in a completely different way so we could give our attention to all the posts we’d like, because, there ARE MANY wonderful posts…!Β (I don’t have any ideas how the limits could be changed and organized differently so I’m leaving that to the admins, and you are welcome to write your ideas in the comments below…!:))Β If changing the limits is not possible, then lets think about this…:

I think I know why is this even happening…! The reason is something we already talked about SEVERAL TIMES in my previous posts and polls, and that is THE LOOK OF THE MAIN/FRONT VIRILY PAGE… What happens is that when you start scrolling, you don’t know how many and what kind of posts you will find below (let’s also have in mind that it also takes A LOT OF TIME TO SCROLL THAT MUCH!), so, if you are like me, you will start opening even some posts that you don’t find that interesting and then, eventually, have no more Virils to spend on some more interesting and important posts…! So, in that case, I think it would be more useful to have the “larger thumbnail” look, for example, a little larger thumbnails than they were before the change of the main page, and a little smaller than they are now, so we could still have the upvote/downvote option available directly on the main/front page and, ALSO, at the same time, have the space for the new features that are currently present on the front page…! Like @Kim_Johnson said in the comment in my Some Virily Problems And How Would You Change the Look of the Virily Main Page? POLL, “STAFF: you would see an increase in revenue if more people could easily access the posts from where they left off, instead of scrolling. …..”,Β and probably was right (at least I think so…:/)…! πŸ™‚

So…, this is just one option, but it would be much easier to find interesting posts and spend our Virils on something we truly like, and it could also affect on writing more engaging and meaningful comments (that was one of the themes that developed in the comments of my post I mentioned above, So Many Wonderful Posts Worth Opening So Low Daily Limit…)…

I also think, and have one NEW IDEA, that maybe it would be better for posts, and polls and quizzes not to be on the same page (maybe to put them in separate sections on the main page), especially when the main page looks like it looks now (for the reasons I explained above) or at least to put a sign that it is a poll like quizzes have. (I’m not sure about this, but it also kind of seemed to me that if you open (too) many polls or quizzes the number of free Virils for opening posts decreases, meaning – there seems to be a balance between those two limits for opening posts and for opening polls and quizzes…)

Note: I do understand if someone is not opening that many posts to even reach the limit, but let’s think about the ones that do (I will write about that theme later…..).

  • Do you think the limit for opening posts should be higher?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you think the limits should be organized differently?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you think changing the look of the main page would solve the described limits problem?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you think changing the main page (into a (larger) thumbnails looking page) would help finding interesting posts?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you think changing the main page (into a (larger) thumbnails looking page) would increase revenue?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you think posts, and polls and quizzes should not be on the same posts page due to all the things mentioned above?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you think polls should have a sign in the corner they are polls, like quizzes have?

    • Yes
    • No
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What do you think?

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  1. I’ve no idea about the view limit and stuffs (I can’t keep up with everything here, they’re forever changing)… what I know is that I see lesser activities.

    After reading your post, I visited the F&Q again. I don’t have much issue about most of the limits (you probably won’t be reading more than 100 posts a day) except for the “Author of article get maximum 10 virils per article” from comments. This is not encouraging activities and interaction, 10 is really too little.

    Limiting the number of Virils from Referring visitor would not encourage sharing or referring visitors… I believe the limit of referring visitors should be increase if the member prove to be able to bring in more visitors. You want to keep these people who get you visitors and not limit them.

    Honestly, I’m just gonna stick to viewing and commenting on posts of people I followed and have been “closer” with … Unless something really caught my eyes.

    • Yes, some things are constant though…

      Well, I was opening a lot of posts at that time, as much as it was permitted because I missed a lot of them previously… I’m not sure what exactly does that mean, “10 Virils per article”, because you get Virils for all the comments you get on an article…

      Yes, but the daily limit for that is 500 Virils, so that number is hard to reach… Well, that sounds reasonable, you have your point there..

      I understand, although I view and comment everything I’m interested in or like… πŸ™‚

      I’m not sure I mind limits anymore, I hardly manage to answer all the notifications…! ;D πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. As long as I join here, Virily has made many changes, as well as the way I address all of those dynamics, include to read members posts. With all my former friends where the active members are relatively few, I tried to open all the posts (the limit was impacted me at that time), but not now. Right now, I generally just open up close friend profiles, their post lists, and open all their posts I have not read yet. If there is time left, I search from “follower” or “featured”.

  3. There are no limits for opening posts, I think. You can open and comment as many posts as you want, only that there are no bonus virils for doing it.
    However, I think that the tumbnail approach will help us find more interesting posts, and I also don’t like the limits regarding guest views.

  4. I liked this site because it was for photo postings. The payment was good. The home page was perfect because I could see all the pictures and choose what I like. Now I scroll with my mouse to find something I like. Quizzes and polls have come to the fore. Someone puts 20 or more posts a day. I do not know what to say, but if things continue, I will think about whether to stay. I do not have enough free time to be on the computer all day. At first it took me two or three hours. Now the level of reviewing posts and comments has fallen. It looked very much like TSU but it looks like many other sites.

    • Yes, it is a still nice site, I still like it very much for many reasons, but these problems are really bugging, and it seems to all of us… Yes, exactly, that is why I think posts and polls and quizzes should be separated, at least if the site continues to look this way… If they would change the look, and make it more similar to the previous look, I think it would be more simple to use…! Thank you!!!!!

  5. I agree. However, even more so, this: Your posts are limited to 500 in the arena of Virils earned from “visitors.” Correct me if I’m wrong; but, if my post brings in 5,000 visitors a day, I should get paid for each one of the 5,000 because I’m the one that did the hard work in the post and I brought all those organic visits to Virily, GREATLY adding value to the site! It is NOT inspiring knowing that I’ll be gipped if something I write goes viral here… I’ve been a webmistress for well over a decade. I know how this works and this is UNFAIR to those who are building your audience, Virily!

    • Thank you for your comment! And, I never thought of that because I was never able to get that many “visitors”, so never reached that limit, but thank you for pointing this out, because I was never aware of that… You are surely right Windy!…..

  6. I did not vote in the poll, because being new here I am still learning the concept of everything. I would like to suggest a way to save posts that have been rejected, and a brief explanation why. This would save a load of issues and “what if’s”, such as wondering if your prized photography might have just been stolen by someone for use elsewhere. Trust no one online is my golden rule. If it is questionably sketchy, it probably is.

    • Ok, understandable… πŸ™‚ Wow, that is a great brand new idea, never thought of that, hopefully the admins will read it…! I actually don’t know what happens with the posts that are rejected…..? But, of course, there should definitely be AN EXPLANATION…..! How would you know what to write and post next time if you don’t know where you make mistakes, right…? πŸ˜‰ And reason you mentioned is really important, they should certainly respect that and have that in mind! But you can also send them a message to ask them bout that when you see them online….. I’m sure they are not distributing your photos, and at the end, when you publish it it can be “stolen” anyway….. :/ Right? :/

        • I am not! πŸ˜€ Earning here is already way too much heavy and slow and the value of a Viril is the smallest it has ever been, so no thank you…..
          This is also a poll….. Then it would be more meaningful if you said some kinds of posts should get more points, not the other way round… Writing a story should maybe get more points, because of the number of words you can put in it… That number is twice smaller for polls and other kinds of posts, but in polls you have to invent questions..

        • I mean if there is a possibility that posts get the same attention in points as polls and quizzes why would you say “No”…..? :/ I know it is maybe not a primary thing for you, but I really don’t understand – why would you turn down that bonus……….???

          • I write for money on many sites. Virily is a publication point for my family history project and my personal technology posts.

            But the main reason I don’t care specifically about making money goes to the adage I live by. “Do the right things, the money will follow.”

        • It is ok, but those are Your reasons. Some people publish their content Only Here and have their Own reasons.

          I do understand that “code”, but on this site, money hardly “follows”….. πŸ˜‰ It is more like a “very hard to earn”…! And I don’t see why would you “Ask” for less points instead for more – that way they would be even too, but a different thing is if you would “Agree” for less points… I don’t agree if some posts should get less points in order to be “even” with some other posts, I would rather leave it the way it currently is…..

          If you’re asking me, I would be very and more sorry to report anyone just for their “copy-paste” comment, that isn’t “the right” thing for me

          • Thanks again for sharing your point of view. It is a welcome opportunity and I support everyone’s right to an opinion. I support the right of all people to have beliefs even those that disagree with my own.

        • It is ok but it is not ok that when I first tried to explain my point of view you didn’t even think about what I said, nor tried to understand, instead you told ME that I’m clearly put in my arguments, while actually You are the one…..

          You don’t have to comment anymore

  7. I can’t really say a whole lot about how the site should look or how it would work better
    so I couldn’t answer your questions I hope you can forgive me on that till I can get more
    into how things COULD be better, but right now the way things are I have no issues with it.

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