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Turmeric: Do you know this root?

Turmeric is a spice known for its yellowish or orange color in some cases. This root is also known as turmeric, turmeric or yellow ginger.

It is best to choose dark turmeric, because the darker the tone, the more flavor, and traditional properties it will have. Not only is this considered an ingredient for cooking, but it is also used as natural medicine.

Only recently I started to use it in my kitchen, its benefits convinced me.

Reduces inflammation – Turmeric has important anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain and protect it from disease. Since chronic inflammation is related to heart disease, cancer and diabetes, this root works as a preventive action.

Relieves the pain – If you have chronic pain, introduce this ingredient in your meals. This plant helps improve everything from simple exercise aches to arthritis. In addition, turmeric has also been shown to help reduce the intensity and duration of menstrual pain.

Improves immune function – To catch possible colds that come with climate change, try consuming this root. Since it also decreases inflammation levels in the body, this food helps to boost the properties of the immune system, making it stronger. It has been scientifically proven that turmeric helps cure respiratory infections and improve the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Decreases the feeling of nausea – This natural medicine helps relieve stomach aches and nausea, thus preventing gastrointestinal problems. Another benefit is that it has no negative effect compared to the contraindications presented by the most common chemical remedies.

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