Trying to Conceive? What Must You Do to Boost Your Chances?

Trying to conceive can be such a difficult place to be. You try it all and when you still get a visit from the red visitor your heart breaks into an million pieces.

So here are some of the tips I have read or heard are helpful to women trying to conceive:

– Carry out a fertility cleanse as your system might be clogged by toxins which will prevent conception.

– Avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking.

– Track your ovulation (the FLO app comes highly recommended here. It actually gives you a number of days that are baby days with one of these being your best day to conceive).

– Take supplements that boost conception like folic acid, vitamin E, blood capsules and the b-vitamins.

– Avoid stress as much as possible.

– Get checked and treated for any underlying STIs.

– Get checked to rule out any other health complications that may be causing the delay.

– Take your mind off it.

These are about it. Has any of these tips worked for anyone? Yes. Countless times, especially the one about taking your mind off it and relaxing (??? yea, I’m surprised too, but this tip actually worked when I was trying to get pregnant with my daughter).

Do you know any other tips that will aid conception? Please share.

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  1. I agree with having healthy lifestyle. I stopped drinking coffee a few months before I tried to conceive. I am not sure if it helps, I read a book about pregnancy and found that suggestion, and I just followed.

    It just happened that I read about Law of Attraction or The Secret before I tried to conceive. I just had faith in it, and told myself about the positive.

    • Some women are lucky and don’t experience any problems.

      I also didn’t have any problems getting pregnant with my daughter, but conceiving again has been a ‘journey’ which hopefully, ends in praise.

      Thanks for commenting.