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Trying to achieve Inbox Zero

There was once when I read an article about productivity, I learned the new term “Inbox Zero”. At that time when I looked at my inbox, there were around hundreds or even over thousands emails sitting in my inbox, waiting for me to sort them out.

It took me a while to tackle those emails, put them in their suitable places, and finally cleared all the emails in my inbox. Ever since then, I always try to achieve Inbox Zero. But as I have subscribed to quite a number of newsletters, I have been getting emails frequently. Of course, unsubscribing from those no longer needed newsletters is important and necessary.

I created different labels to categorize the emails and also filters to label those incoming emails automatically, so it helps me to recognize them easily. I am thankful for the “Snooze” feature Gmail provided, so I can choose the date I am going to work on that email but not letting it to sit in my inbox to disturb me.

Working on Inbox Zero needs to be consistent. Once I slip, the emails just start to fill up my inbox, and I need to spend more time to tackle them. Now I have over 100 emails sitting in my inbox, and I am going to spend some time to work on them as soon as possible.

Roughly how many emails are sitting in your inbox right now? 

Image credit: @kaka135 (I captured this screen shot when I first achieved Inbox Zero. I was still using Inbox by Google which is now obsolete.)


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  1. Although I have said I am not an organised person actually I am but I need help to sort out things as per may ideas.

    I have loads of emails in my inbox simply because I no longer need to worry about storage. I have enough?

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