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Trouble ~ Sharing is Caring

The trouble is you think you have time. ~Buddha

I have read a lot about grief, depression, emotions, learning to live again, etc. This simple quote written by the great Buddha sums it all up. You think you have time. If you spend all of your time (which I am guilty of doing) in your past, you will never have a future. It is so true. We have to find our own way of getting through the trials and obstacles in life. Once we do that, get them behind us, then one step at a time, forward, not back. Nobody said it would be easy. And once you get through one thing, Bam, something else will hit. But that is life and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I am not trying to come across as “preaching”. I am only sharing what I have experienced with the hopes of helping someone else. I feel that is my purpose now. To help others. 

Life really is short. We often get too busy with our own lives and forget to call or visit our friends and loved ones. Stop and take the time to at least make a phone call. You will not regret it. Tell those you love how much they mean to you, and never ever take anyone or anything for granted. I have said that many times, and will continue to do so. We never know what the next moment holds. Enjoy life!

Ellie’s challenge Sharing is Caring is a great one to participate in. You should join the challenge.

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Written by Carol DM

Enjoy nature photography. Amateur self-taught photographer and love every minute of the photos from my yard and Dustin's garden. Sunset views from my deck are very peaceful to watch, capture and share. I have two cats, Brendel and the Dude. I share both special and funny moments I capture of them with you.

Also enjoy seeing and reading your posts from all over the world.

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  1. I think I’ve the least right to talk about this…
    I often don’t know what I want or what is good for me… And it always seems difficult to take that first step

    But oh well, still living well… hehe :p

  2. Wonderful and thought-provoking message, Carol! Life is short and we shouldn’t take anything for granted. It’s a pity that we are often losing time worrying about unimportant things instead of enjoying and appreciating what we have. Your posts are always meaningful and inspiring, don’t doubt that!

  3. Life is a short game. All the game content is about learning, but all the lessons have the same essence as 1 + 1.
    Btw, I am trying to reflect on your word, in your opinion, do you consider I have preached all this time with all my posts?
    Honestly, I have a concern about that assumption…

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