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Trend ~ Thursday Reflections

Meeting some friends during high school is a fun moment. What we usually do at such meetings is to exchange news and stories about various things. Amongst all of us who gathered back this afternoon only I was the least present. One of my friends who never met after decades of teasing me with style was surprised and laughing, he said “Why do you look so old? Why don’t you dye your hair?”

“To look old and wise like this I need decades, then why should I change it?”, I said, replying to his joke. “Ah… you’re not trendy, bro!”. Then for a while, I was the subject of discussion between those who were both defending and those who were mocking. During jokes and laughter at the beginning of the meeting, the trend in many ways became the main topic.

The joking talk has indeed given a lot of humor, and especially to me, the funniest thing that is most strange is the tendency of people to impose a general pattern, where everyone must follow trends in all aspects of life, including to look like a true believer.

I see around me that nowadays most people feel proud because of various trends; religion, politics, lifestyle, entertainment, appearance to slang, etc. They forget, that many things they measure and force everyone to follow with certain great expectations are not reality but utopia, let alone some trends without meaning. And the value of spirituality is not its utopia, religion, prophet, holy book, or teacher, but on daily attitudes, behavior and actions, which are real manifestations of values and especially their inner brightness.

I don’t feel the need to appear like a saint and obedient person, but also don’t feel the need to behave poor to considered modest and simple. Simplicity is sincerity that doesn’t need to be exhibited. Spiritual is something that is intimate and unites with our surroundings and daily life. Become part of the breath and live every second consciously. Spiritual is just like a farmer who cultivates land, chooses good seeds, sows on land that has properly cultivated, fertilized, watered, cared for with patience, sincerity, and love until later he will reap the results.

The best spiritual will only foster good potential in a person. What we do, is a reflection of our inner. So, I don’t feel the need to follow the trend for dye my hair as I also do not want to follow the trend of dengue fever that is endemic.

  • Do you always follow the trend?

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      • I guess I perhaps use the wrong example, Perhaps its more of a reward system.
        What I’m trying to do is linking “reward”/acceptance with things you do and how you act/present yourself.

        You get “rewarded” for looking younger – which is why people dye hair… same goes for why people “chase” the fashion trend – aren’t those compliments a kind of “reward”?

        To me, society work in the way that you only ‘earn’ acceptance from being “the same” … or following their rules?

  1. Do you always follow trends-

    What a wonderful question Albert. It brings so many more questions.

    What trend and who started it? If it is a trend to fashion, most likely I don’t follow it. But if one of the people I treasure suggests a technology, I may.

    I ask the old journalism questions…

    Who, what, when, where, and of why.

    Why is the ultimate question for me when it comes to trends. Why drives what I do and how I do it.

  2. I do not believe in speaking in a politically correct tone since as far I am concerned as long as my belief system I do my best to do what is right even though many kids today do not understand slapstick comedy like the Three Stooges brand of eye pokes, slaps in the face and words that are creative to use like one joke I could make of artist and I use the term loosely Carbi Bee which would when she is seen without her makeup “How much do you charge to haunt a house on Halloween?”


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