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Tree Of Life on African Savana

Popularly known as the tree of life in African Savana, this tree has multiple qualities. It is a real giant in African grassland.

It can grow really old, It can exceed 1500 years of age. The trunk of this tree can grow up to an average diameter  10  meters. After reaching 1000 years it becomes hollow from inside. the trunk can hold up to 4500 liters of water, which can be a source of water in dry seasons. The empty hollow part of the old tree can provide shelter. This tree can produce medicine and other useful product like rope, shop, rubber glue and cloth.

This is a life-giver for African animals and important part of the ecosystem. It is a real tree of life of Africa.

Let’s take some time to identify this tree of life. Let’s try and identify the name of the tree. Please share your thoughts about it in the comments.

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    What is the Name of the Tree?

    • Baobox
    • Baoba
    • Baobab


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