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Traveling makes a couple happier

Couples who travel together stay together. At least that’s what the studies say.

Go on vacation with your partner: leave the routine at home, explore the relationship and come back happier and more united than ever. A study published by the U.S. Travel Association found that couples who travel together regularly are more satisfied with their relationships.

Couples traveling together experience improved communication and feel more connected to each other, not only on vacation but when it’s time to return home and routine.

However, to be able to enjoy these benefits, the two people who make up the couple must do activities together. In a city destination, for example, choose places to visit together, go out to dinner, take pictures. At beach destinations, walk along the beach, take a surf lesson, snorkel, or go swimming. Even if unforeseen issues arise on the trip, come together and work together to solve problems.

Picture of my husband and my son when we visited Madrid.

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  1. I love to travel and that is one of the things my husband and I plan to do once he is retired. However, if he doesn’t hurry and turn in his paperwork, he will be working longer! We plan on Feb. 15th as last day of work! It’s not too far away!