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Transactive Energy Part II

Even if you go full solar or full wind power you will, however, still need a connection to the power grid. It becomes your last-ditch emergency power system. The other thing to consider is the reality of power. You are going to produce more power than you consume frequently. From the sunrise to sunset, your solar system will generate power. Every time the wind blows, your wind turbine will generate power. At someone point, after a few days, your batteries will be fully charged. Your battery system needs to have enough power to operate your house for 2, 3, or 4 days without the Solar system or wind turbine working.

At one point, though, you will reach full charge. You can continue to trickle-charge your battery system, but in reality, you need to do something with the extra power. I started this article by talking about the concept of Transactive Energy or TE. The other side of what TE provides you, the proud Microgrid owner is the ability to do something with that power you generate that is beyond what you need to charge your batteries, beyond what you need to heat or school or house. Beyond what you need to watch the Super Bowl or to enjoy a movie or surf the internet.

What happens to that power? Well, if there is a Transactive Energy law in your state, region, or country. The power company will buy that energy and reuse it. They will take what you overproduce and move it to your neighbor’s house. Your neighbor will pay the commercial rate in your area for power (anywhere from 15 to 20 centers per Kilowatt). The power company will pay you the whole rate for power in your area (anywhere from 6 to 12 cents per Kilowatt hour).

If you have a battery system, where you do not consume power from the power grid, you will end up with a credit. The power company may keep that credit on your account or send you a check normally once a quarter. If your solar system has an issue (cables break, panels break), you still have the battery. If you can’t solve the problem in the time you have battery coverage, you can use those credits for power. If you don’t have a battery, your system will power your home during the daylight hours and use the power grid to keep things warm or cool in your house during the night hours.

Today there are places in the world that support a TE model. But be aware that not all countries, states, regions, or places where people support TE today. The other thing is that not all power companies have replaced the power meter at your house with the newer digital power meters. You need a digital meter even to consider power moving from your home to the power grid. You can still have a Solar or Wind turbine, and reduce your carbon footprint and your home power bill. But without a digital meter, and without TE laws in your location, you won’t get paid for your extra power.

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  1. Well, I think its a great idea we have the option of using solar and wind power. We have hydroelectric power and thermal power.

    With the extra power in the power grid it can go on to charge future electric cars.

    What I see on the horizon is the need for recharging places for future electric powered cars and the extra power is very much needed.

  2. Very informative series! I like this approach of everyone doing as much as they can, and not looking at it as an “everything or nothing” kind of situation. Nowadays, it’s difficult to live without leaving any negative impact on the enviorment, and many people don’t even try to, because they see it as a lost cause. Thank you for the mention!

  3. I have not read Eli’s post about plastic bags. But I see the sea throwing away cool plastic junk. I don’t know what kind of digital meter I have. All I know is that they replaced the old with the new. They are all put together in one place for all apartments. We do not have access to this room.

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