Tourism industry is down and almost out

In the early part of the pandemic, I have read that in Nepal the tourism industry had suffered so much because the Chinese are their main customers for their tourism. Now most countries are feeling the same that even the head of our tourism department has already admitted that the industry is on the verge of death.

If the pandemic will stay for next year and the lockdown will continue then the economy will surely struggle. As with the tourism industry I guess resorts have to close shop to save on the rental and overhead expenses.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. The tourism industry is already dead everywhere. Can’t even visit its grave this coming All Saint’s Day and All Souls Day. I know cemeteries in places like Manila have been closed for this traditional event but I am wondering if it will also be closed in Mexico. The bakeries in Menxico have special sweet breads for the event . I suppose they are going to have a hard time. Oh, I just wanted to say thank you for the comments you left on my work. I have been having a hard time responding to individuals. I have a feeling there is something wronq with the internet in my neck of the woods.

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