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Total plastic ban

For the proposed total plastic ban, I am against it because for me, plastic is a gift from the heavens. It keeps the food safe and secured. Plastic also keeps the garbage sanitized and controlled with the bad odor. The grocery bag is very useful especially when you purchased food items like fish and meat. So why the ban?

Proponents of the anti-plastic movement say that plastic is bad per se which means plastic it not good to use. Okay, if that is the case then think of what you would use to pack the candies and chocolates and the other sweets in the market. How do you buy fish and meat and other wet products? That is really a crazy question that no one could give a good answer.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. You look very upset in your photo. They have not banned it where I live. I do try and recycle and avoid things that hurt the planet. I don’t go overboard. I actually take the plastic bags from the grocery store and crochet them into resuable bags that can hadle the weight.

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