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Top Ten Healthiest Foods in the World ~ DARK CHOCOLATE

Yes I have started yet another new series. Today is another rainy day and nothing to do but read and learn more information to share with you. 

Starting with #10, I will share with you the top ten healthiest foods in the world. 

I will also list the reasons they are healthy. Something to think about when you decide what you should be eating.

I hope you don’t mind reading and maybe learn something. I knew about dark chocolate but I wasn’t aware of all of the health benefits.


Health benefits of dark chocolate

  • The flavonoid compounds present in cocoa (main ingredient of dark chocolates) have antioxidant effects. It can protect the cells from damage that is caused by the action of free radicals. In that way the dark chocolates can protect against heart disease.
  • The flavonoids in dark chocolate can reduce the level of harmful LDL cholesterol. It lowers the risk of heart attack.
  • The dark chocolate intake will improve the blood flow to the brain and skin. It improves your brain function and also great for a healthy skin.
  • The serotonin chemical in dark chocolate act as anti-depressant agent and improves your mood.

*Allways remember everything is about moderation. Too much of anything is not good.

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  1. I have 85% chocolate at home. I didn’t know all the benefits of it. I realized that it could reduce the level of harmful LDL. I need this. In my opinion, the ten healthiest foods in the world are almonds, oily fish, broccoli, apples, honey, blueberries, sweet potatoes, porridge, kelp and cress.

  2. For me, chocolate is one of the best, plus, nuts, and also greens. Vegetables of any kind, something green, something yellow or orange or red to guard against cancer and a type of healthy carbohydrate (our New Zealand Kumara is very good for you- a type of sweet potato).
    Yet some will have other ideas.
    I also believe in fruit as well.


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