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Today, I'm posting a colorful dalia

On Friday I posted a passion flower in black and white and today I am posting the same flower in color. In Slovenia, we know passion fruit as a popular ornamental plant with beautiful exotic flowers. They say that there are about 500 species of passion fruit. Originates from North, Central and South America. In the subtropical and tropical regions it is also cultivated today. Up to 6 meters tall shrubbery climber has very wide roots, from which grow many thin, twisted, green stems. The leaves are strongly divided, petioled, three-lobed, slightly serrated at the edges. Leafs sprout from the leaves of large leaves and flowers about 8 cm in diameter from the leaves of smaller leaves. The calyx leaves are oblong, ovoid, pointed, fused into the tube at the bottom. The petals are white, red and purple; surrounded by purple, inside almost black petals, which have 5 stamens. Although passionflower blooms from July to September, its beautiful flowers have a short life span, being open only one day, exceptionally two days. It requires a lot of moisture and good soil and support for the wires and rods on which it climbs. It is best suited to the sun, but does not require much care. It will bloom for a long time, and in warmer places, it will also produce orange, egg-shaped fruits that have an edible slimy red core. Make sure it is not toxic before ingesting the passion fruit, as some of the poisonous species are also known

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