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To Say The Unspeakable ~ Silhouette Saturday

In a silhouette image, both the black and the bright part, both are subjects that we know, especially the dark parts which are generally closer and easier to reach than the bright subjects. The dark part is actually a part that is closer to our daily lives which for a while does not get the reflection of light as the subject of its background receives.

How would you behave if when the dark part that usually we always know well gets enough light again but in a sudden, we no longer know, recognize, or understand it as before even though it still looks the same?  How do you feel if the whole understanding of our daily lives suddenly changes in essence and meaning? Or even if it is not a change but merely shows the authenticity of the pure reality of its existence?

For hours I’ve sat in front of the computer trying to write something that could not be explained by words because none of the languages could mention something that languages did not recognize. I admit that I can’t do it, therefore, you don’t even need to consider this writing as a serious thing and may ignore it as something insignificant that is not even more beautiful than the chirping of a sparrow. Or consider this is just empty words to accompany the silhouette image.

  • Have you ever had a hard time explaining something that people, in general, have never known?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Love the photo! I am learning not to expect my heart’s desire out of others that can not see the world as it should be seen and appreciated,. I have learned WHAT IS IS like my husband always says.

  2. Yes, some things in my life have been hard to explain…and sometimes when I try to tell them something that I have done or seen, I am not believed

    What you say is true Albert.

    It took years for me to learn to explain certain truths to myself let alone anyone else.

  3. The human need to quantify our experiences is interesting. Not that we seek to quantify everything, but when we feel we should, there is an emptiness in us that can’t be filled.

    A wise teacher was once asked, “Master do you understand why the sun rises each day.”

    The master smiles and said tot he student “The Sun neither rise or falls.”

    • Like when someone is in love, all yearning and feelings, also all curiosity fulfills the mind. If the feeling of falling in love is not to someone but to something infinite, there is nothing that can replace or answer a longing other than the infinite itself.

      Indeed, The Sun is neither rise or falls, either on a round or flat earth, and there must be questions that are far more interesting and essential beyond why it rises and sets? who actually rotates? and if that is the question that appears as part of falling in love, whom should we ask? What answers can answer longing?

      • The human condition in a well-phrased comment Albert. we are locked in the eternal struggle of who we are, what we need and the reality of time approaching.

        To paraphrase Albert Einstein, as we approach the speed of light, the only thing time does is slow down. It never stops.

  4. I wanted to say yesterday “Welcome back” but … it’s seen from thousands of miles that you did not come back in the best mood and I gave up! I do not want to give you any advice but, let any unpleasant things you have experienced lately behind you and enjoy life! Nothing is more valuable than your peace.


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