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To Prolong Your Life, You Need To Reduce The Diet By A Third

Experts have found something that will help prolong the life.

If you reduce your diet by at least 30%, you will increase the duration of your life.

This statement has been reported by employees of the French National Research Center that conducted the study. As participants, they took not the usual laboratory mice and rats, but the lemurs.

Scientists have reduced by a third the daily amount of food that the test group of animals ate. The other group ate normally. The whole experiment had been lasting as much as 10 years, and the participants were the animals of about the same age.

It turned out that the average life expectancy of lemurs, whose food was reduced, increased to 50% (a third of the animals remained alive). At the same time, in the second group, the last lemur died at the age of 11.3 years. If the animal ate 30% less, then on average it lived to 9.6 years. And those who ate normally died before the others, their maximum age was 6.5 years.

It is not surprising that the subjects of French scientists not only lived a long life but were healthier than others. Long-lived lemurs rarely suffered from oncological sores and diabetes. Those animals that ate moderately also had fewer problems with age-related diseases. Their brains worked better and faster.

Besides, American scientists have found a means of rejuvenation, which stops the aging process and increases life expectancy.

In the United States, a new means of rejuvenation was found: the new drug is composed of two elements: dasatinib and quercetin. Together, both substances affect the old and inferior cells, destroying them. As a result, many changes in the body due to aging are noticeably mitigated, and the life expectancy increases by about one third.

According to a new scientific review, vitamins can affect longevity. The review, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, was conducted by Dr. Bruce Ames, Senior Fellow at the United States Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute – CHORI.

Image source: Live Happy Magazine

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