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"Times gone by" – "Auld Lang Syne"

“Times gone by” that is exactly what Auld Lang Syne means. This song is etched in my memory and I listen to it as the year closes. 

The tune is so powerful and meoldious that listening to it gives me some kind of peace. The lyrics however to my mind are not easy to understand as they are not written in plain understandable English.

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Written by grace

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  1. The poem was written by Robert Burns in his native dialect of Lowland Scots, or Lallans. The more you read it, the easier it gets!

    If you think of Auld Lang Syne as meaning “Old Long Since”, the connections become clearer.

    There are some appalling versions of this song sung with ghastly American accents in a slow drawl. It needs to be sung briskly, in a Scottish accent, and preferable with a bagpipes accompaniment!

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