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Time to figure out what the Virily Movers project should be!

 Ok as we head into fall I should have more time and be able to kick off the mover’s project again. It has been a year since the last publication. I am interested in three things, but I do want to open this up to the community — my three things. Goals are listed below. As we head down the path of collecting the data I would also love to capture what the community wants (if it is different than my goals) as well!

Note: A mover is someone who when they comment or view your post other Virily users do so.

1. Do comments impact posts?

a. More comments mean what in terms of views?

b.More comments equal what?

2. Do external views change over time (I know a few of my external readers, created Virily accounts so they could leave comments for myself and others)

3. This comment rule that some people have does it impact other authors?

a. The comment rule appears to be if you don’t read and comment, I don’t read and comment on your posts either!

Those are my three big questions. I have given up the time of day for optimal publication because I haven’t found one. I want to figure out who drives other members to posts.The issue I have is that without access to the site statistics, it takes between 5-8 days to gather enough information about the site to make this relevant.

A couple of other ideas that have floated around –

1. Do titles make a difference?

2. Pictures, yes or now for views?

I will ask questions in the poll please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments!

  • Question of

    will you be part of the movers project?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    A mover is someone who if they read your post it appears that other users also read your post?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    do you follow the if someone doesn’t comment on your posts you don’t comment rule?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Do you have any other ideas of what would be interesting?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Q: will you be part of the movers project?
    Yes (8 votes) – 80%
    No (2 votes) – 20%
    Q: A mover is someone who if they read your post it appears that other users also read your post?
    Yes (8 votes) – 80%
    No (2 votes) – 20%
    Q: do you follow the if someone doesn’t comment on your posts you don’t comment rule?
    Yes (5 votes) – 50%
    No (5 votes) – 50%
    Q: Do you have any other ideas of what would be interesting?
    Yes (3 votes) – 33%
    No (6 votes) – 67%

  2. On your last question, title is very important to get external views. Picture is very important to sustain reader engagement. These are just my views and I am still a newbie in online writing world. ?

  3. Not being sure how to reply here I can say my usual pattern here is to get on and go through my notifications and reply to comments, then read what my followers have been up to and comment on their posts. take a look at the quizzes and then if I have I post some more. I try to get on as often as I can but sometimes that cannot be every day.

    • that is perfectly ok, this is why I am struggling with the mover’s project. The last time I did it the initial population of people involved was larger (on Virily). we’ve lost a few and gained a few new members.

      I am struggling with what impacts posts honestly.

  4. To me, the comment means the mover really read the post and likes it. Although I may be wrong because the comments bring in more viriles and thus more profit. And this begs the new question of why the members are here. For the sake of money or really enjoying this site. I like to read posts and comment on most of them. It doesn’t matter if the others comment on me or not.

  5. External views are meaningless. You get no virals, no comments, no indication of who/where/etc… and you have no idea of responses (likes, wins, cutes or whatever) — More comments mean nothing in terms of views – you get views but no virals, duplicate views are counted. — More comments equates to virals for comments.
    2) Outside views diminish over time unless linked from outside somewhere. There is not much point in that any more as was discussed way back.
    3) I have no rules. Time constraints are more pertinent. The phone thing affects that for me. (no phone) — How would I know if someone didn’t read my post? I have trouble keeping up with comments so I am grateful if someone views and likes a post whether they comment or not.
    (((in my little cold analysis I made the ratio of views my posts receive vs. views credited for is low – lower than I expected frankly.)))
    I don’t understand the mover concept. How would others know who viewed unless they commented and unless they view the post? They have to view to find out. Don’t they? Unless people are talking privately I guess.
    Pictures and titles affect views in the normal ways.

    This applies only to me. I have some hesitation here about a platform that does not allow editing or maintenance of posts. Unrestricted and unknown audiences (and the foreverness) makes me a bit queasy to comment as well.

      • you are going to have to explain what a duplicate view is.

        If you comment.
        I reply
        You comment again
        I reply
        I get credit for the comment (1 viril) and my reply (2 virils).
        Plus if you notice your view ticker goes up.

        • When you return to a post to comment I don’t believe it gives the writer Virils. So duplicate views – not unique views. The second and third time is counted as a view but not one that rewards the writer. (I hope so anyway – otherwise there is a major accounting foulup to account for say over 200 views and credit for less than 35)
          My conclusion was that the best way to get virils fast (doesn’t mean I will do this) is to milk comments. Make something controversial, or just put ‘Virily’ in the title and be there to manage the comments as they unfold. (lotta work)

          • the author gets virils for commenting or replying to the comment. Rather than a view for the author.

            as far as I know you as the author of a post never get a viril for your views. I will test that today just to see with some old posts.

          • My intent with this has nothing to do by the way with creating, supporting or providing clique information or power.

            I am just trying to help young authors first on this site move their posts.

        • You are correct I guess. I did a hard deep look first at what happens to my post. How it goes through the feeds, where it ends up, how it looks from the outside, etc… Then I did a just numbers “cold analysis”.
          I have some concerns – no big deal. It does affect what I might post. For example if I post something in Challenges it is lost there and there is no way for anyone to find it. You can’t get to that section. Without TAGS there is the reality that I’m just stranding things here to die. You can’t go to Fridays in Black and White (for example) and see any of my contributions there. Participation is best inclusive.
          The immediate day by day social aspect is also different for people who are edited. Your posts come out in clumps whenever. Not as easy to be ready for a conversation. It’s no big deal.
          Stuff here is available to be seen by anyone who has access to the internet worldwide. It’s wide open. Weird place to have a conversation that is not superficial and guarded.

          • you have captured the interesting reality – most blogs are open for anyone to comment. The number of moderated blogs, however, seems to be increasing.

            It is a hard place to have an open conversation.

    • i understand. The Movers truly are people that when they read a post they bring along other Virily members.

      Your points are all well taken. You’ve come to the same conclusion I have, in regards to the value of the movers project right now.

      • I still don’t see how someone could bring other users by reading. You have to read a post before you can see who read it. (I think)
        Unless there is a clique communicating privately.
        Please forgive me because I really don’t understand – I really don’t know how I think about it. —– As someone who was perceived as “the other” in my early school years I do not like cliques. “I don’t want to be part of any club that would have somebody like me for a member.”

        • That is simply a trending process, I don’t really know the answer to that except that it seems to happen.

          again, not scientific so I can’t guarantee the information. But I have seen that some authors drive significant impact on other authors.

          I suspect the reality of cliques doesn’t apply, but I do understand that concern.

          • OK. What I saw was that posts trend not based on views. At least mine did not. Compared to what was trending mine had more views. Comment conversations seemed to trend. It is probably good to be able to respond to comments quickly. (not really in the cards for me)
            I noticed that some users no longer interact but they used to.

        • so the trending logo comes from the number of views in a time period. The most commented comes from the number of comments.

          Interesting something can be in the most commented, and not be a trending post.

          The trending list (off the left side menu button) shows the current top 10 posts on the site in terms of views.

          • There are some indications that people are treated differently here. I don’t want to go into it – don’t really want to think about it. I watched my stuff in the same time period and some had 20 or 30 more views than what was trending.
            The boats were really my big mistake so far. (I’m not done with those – I love that boatyard.) I need to suck it up and do articles with a few pictures each and do that place and the boats justice. Make it interesting. The upcoming Wooden Boat Festival is a good chance for that maybe.

        • Your last comment pal, was exactly why I started the movers project. I wanted to know what was moving posts, who was moving posts and why some posts move.

          I know a little about who now, but that is it,.

          I wish I had access to to the actual site stats.

          I do know why the trending works the way it does if you really want to know.

          • My post that suddenly trended. Try and find it now. That’s my main issue.
            I guess I’m curious – I saw trending and most commented the same – same, same, all same.
            I most would like to put articles here like the ones that got lost and mutilated except I would like them to remain intact and be visible in the future. And, if the only credit I get is from inside views then having stuff hidden away and impossible to find is not so amusing for me. Why bother? Why contribute? Go to MacroMonday and see that it is like I never participated. Over 300 views, credit for 32 or 33, and it can’t be found.
            Why do the users here act a little like abused children? Maybe if I behave in a certain way I can get favor? I like people to see stuff – I’m not sure that this is the best place to put things.
            There are still things I can put here however.

        • That is a large suitcase to unpack.

          I understand the frustration, you, like Alex and long ago Oscar, have art to share.

          I wonder sometimes the value of art and Virily.

          I wish I could fix that Howard, I am sorry about the frustration, the lost posts and the overall reality of our platform today.

          I for one hope you do stay and continue posting!

  6. Comments act as a reminder there is a human being who read your posts. There is a sense of satisfaction a person feels when a viewer comments.
    I don’t comment on only those who comment on my posts. As an avid reader, I read posts of those who comment and don’t comment on my posts. I enjoy reading.
    An interesting fact I have observed is that those people who comment on other people’s posts become likable. Their posts are always read because it shows a sense of care.