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Time Locking Container

Well, the picture shown is not a time locking container, but as I don’t have one, I just show a cookie jar picture here.

I was watching a YouTube video about a minimalist apartment. The vlogger showed his usage of a cookie jar, which is a time locking container. When he needs to focus on certain work, he locks his mobile phone inside the cookie jar. The cookie jar couldn’t be open unless the set timer reaches zero.

I am quite amazed about this and did not understand why a cookie jar has a time locking feature, then I went and found out more information about it. It’s called cookie jar as the designer originally designed this container as he wanted to stay away from the temptation of eating cookies or snacks. It’s called Kitchen Safe.

Well, though I am learning to stay focused, I certainly do not need a cookie jar like this, as it’s actually my computer that distracts me the most.


Picture credit: Pixabay


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