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Time Is What We Want – Thursday Reflections

This picture was taken 5 years ago.  It seems like time stood still in this place. We were driving past this place and somehow the stillness of the place and the absolute lack of human activity here made me want to stop by. I just sat by this water body and watched it for a while. Even the bird sitting there didn’t move.

Time is what we want most and what we use worst’ – William Penn.

There are days when I race against time and there are days like these when I just sit still and become one with my surroundings as if time has come to a standstill.

When things get crazy and I feel stressed, it is scenes like these that come to my mind. Just thinking and visualizing these scenes in my mind helps me calm down. relax and take things as they come.

These quiet places in nature are secretly stored away and archived in my mind for sorely needed relaxation. I don’t need electricity, gadgets or batteries,  I just have to pull out one such scenery from my memory archive and I have my quiet place to go to, to relax and feel one with nature.

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    Do you have a got to place in times of stress?

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    • No
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    Do you like quiet places?

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  1. you brought two themes in your writing today that made me stop and think.

    Do you have a place to go and be quiet – yes, I have such a place. It is as you said, my go-to for reflection.

    the other is the need for quiet. how much quiet do you need?

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