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Thursdays Reflections – this is Huntly bridge in the Waikato river

The Waikato river is the longest river in New Zealand and a very beautiful one, but very dangerous. It is safe if you swim with someone else and in a popular site but wouldn’t go there lightly.

This river runs very deep and very fast. 

This type of bridge is quite common in the Waikato river and not sure when it was built but before the 1950s. 

Rain is on the forecast today, and much of it which we badly need in Auckland. 

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Written by Pamela Moresby


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    • Thanks so much Carol, glad you like it, I have already walked across to Highland Park in the drizzling rain to buy a few essentials for my morning walk. We will get some rain, hoping that the good Lord above lassos those clouds and tell them to drop their rain over Hunua and Waikato Dams that supply Auckland.
      Our dams are 40% capacity in the winter.

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