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Thursday's Reflections – the pace of life

Often we live in autopilot …

We do one thing, and we are somewhere else with thoughts. At the end of the day, we do not even remember many of our actions. Our thoughts steal the moment of the present. On every occasion, they grab us by the flap and push us into the dark shadows of the past or into the distant future.

Continuous rush and countless passing memories and visions prevent us from enjoying the beauty of the current moment. Rush causes tension, and along with it comes a lot of ailments and life loses pleasure. So try to practice relaxation and slowness every day. We so lack slowness in this life, and for many, it is a great luxury. 

Let’s try to ensure that each of our actions is accompanied by inner peace and attention to detail – to the depths of the present moment. In this way, this journey will become very colorful and exciting!

Even taking a photo, we can enjoy the moment, to notice details, surrounding, to sit for a while, to listen to nature. Or we can just push the photo button and rush further to make another photo, or to other deals. 

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  1. This post has such powerful words within it. I try to take one day at a time, but someone I know is trying to smash my spirit. I am still strong, but it sure has been hard lately. This post should get featured


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