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Thursday's Reflections – immaculate hunters.

I came across an interesting article – What do people think of seagulls?

Here is a part of it:

We gulls are a big deal. We knead wherever we want, we eat whatever we want, we run some wherever we want. Without us you are nowhere. Without us, your beaches will become dung and your dump will turn into mountains. Without us, your cities will be silenced and stunned, and your eyes will be forever stuck in the ground because we make you look to the sky and dream of flying. Songs and poems are written for us.

We are named cars, hotels, restaurants and even pharmaceutical companies. We are beautiful, aerodynamic and noble. Have you seen a thick gull? There is no way you can see. Our metabolism is a product of tens of millions of years of evolution, and therefore no matter how much we feed, we do not fill. To this evolution, you must also light a candle every day, because without it until now you have become waste and the mice have devastated your crops. We are impeccable hunters.

The photo is taken at the fountain at the Parque de las Naciones Torrevieja Spain.

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    • I know about 5 species? (Which is included in the Red Book. They live mainly in the Arctic on the island of Victoria, and a nest is found on the coast of New Zemlia, the bird is threatened with extinction.) Do you have another kind?

  1. Many people do not like pigeons because they are very dirty.
    .But when I know how many birds have saved mans people in war , I must to honor.
    They are otherwise beautiful because they have different colors and excellent leaflets.


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