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Thursday’s Reflections – Be a Light to the World

The cloud lit by the light of the setting sun  reflects its light on to the waters of the lake.  We need to be the light of the world the Bible says. The light of God within us needs to be reflected on the world outside that is dark and needs the light of hope.

Hope is often referred to as the light at the end of the tunnel. If we only those of us who are strong could support others in their weakness there wouldn’t be so much less sorrow in the world. Simple  positive words, words of encouragement and support can do a world of good to those who struggle with low confidence and emotional distress.

Oftentimes just not saying something harsh, mean or even thoughtless words could save heartache and tears.

  • Do you think we need to be the light to the world?

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  • Is your wick burning?

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Written by Dawn

She loves writing poetry, articles on self-help, photography etc.

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