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Thursday Reflections – life reflections

I look back – the winding trail disappears in the haze of the year, but I know there are thousands of wonderful days and people who have loved me – I still have them in my heart. 

There the child runs barefoot through the August stubble, there the young girl holds her first kiss on the lips, and there the girl cries over a broken crystal ball. They all have my eyes and my face, and I am in each of them – scattered into billions of moments and reappearing with every heartbeat.

Today I managed the drawers and came along old photos. I rarely look at photos of my childhood and youth, but this time, somehow I took in my hands two photos. In the first, I’m a young girl trying to understand how life works and what it expects of me. In the second, I am what I am today – still trying to understand. Nothing changed, only the kaleidoscope in the head became more colorful.

And if I am ever born again, I will be the same. Only I will not know that.

We all have our own reflections like everything in this life. 

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  1. I love the way your thoughts run. I see myself like that too, but through it all those images I see this romantic, simple, joyful person that I am.