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Thursday reflection -The staircase

Reflections are all around us. It depends on us if we have eyes to see them. Before I started seeing the world through the  camera lens … I was completely blind. Hard to believe, is not it?  After that, I started to see everything through the eyes of a photographer.  I find  something  that gets my attention, everyday.I took this picture as I got out of the subway. Reflection caught my atention. I think this is a good photo for today’s Thursday Reflections, even it is taken with my phone.


  • How many people do you think are in this reflection?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. Hmm… it reminds me of a “game” they posted on facebook with a photo of just 1 girls but she had many reflections… it’s a headache to tell lol

    Cool photo btw! 🙂