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Thursday Reflection – Positive Mindset

Its Thursday again. The sun behind the clouds caused this lovely reflection in the water. It also spread a lovely orange glow around us.

The company you keep gives you an aura. When we are with  bad company their notoriety and bad name goes before us, but when in the company of the good, the great we shine in their light.

I love to keep company with those that are positive and kind. It rubs off on to me. I have a positive mindset, I always look at the bright side of life even when I go through tough times.  But then who doesn’t go through tough times? Why make a big deal of it?

I avoid the company of people who whine, complain and make a fuss all the time. Their energy pulls me down. I am a happy person and love to remain that way.

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    Do you avoid negative people?

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    Would you consider yourself a positive person?

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Written by Dawn