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Thunderstorms And WIFI problems

Since the last weekend we have been having issues with our WIFI. We had a thunderstorm which uprooted a huge tree which must be nearly hundred years old. With the roots came the underground cables and all and we have had no internet connectivity of the past two days. We had continuous, heavy rains for more than 13 hours one night and some areas in our neighborhood were flooded.  Apart of a road  had also caved in in the process.

I could work with my mobile phone but I find it extremely hard to upload pictures for posts or even to comment and work on a small device. It is such a strain on my eyes and I prefer to work on my laptop. My plants are all looking very happy and healthy after the rain.

The service providers were working night and day to restore our internet connection  but it was finicky. It came and went at will almost like our earnings here. Now everything seems fine and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will remain stable.

So In case I am not around blame it on the WIFI connection.

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