Three of my images are now in Pixabay

When covid-19 pandemic started I created several illustrations related to it. I used Inkscape to create them. Initially, I intended to upload my designs on my RedBubble Shop.

In my post ’32 Days of Quarantine’, I also used one of these illustrations as the featured image for that post.

During those times, I also tried uploading some of my illustrations to Pixabay. In my first attempt, all three illustrations were rejected. I replaced the images bigger dimension but were still rejected. I knew that the quality of my work was not sacrificed when I increased the size since I was working on vector graphics which are scalable. 

I left the images with their status ‘REJECTED’. 

I still use some images from pixabay from time to time, but never went back to look at my own images again.

When I did yesterday, I was surprised to see my three works were up online! And my ‘coronavirus ‘ image was viewed 54 times and downloaded 18 times already.

I don’t expect to receive any ‘coffee treat’ soon but I think I can add Pixabay on my portfolio soon.  


Don’t mind my selfie photo on Pixabay. I already asked the admins to delete it. 😀

(c) John Loberiza 

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