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Three Is Not A Crowd

Monkeys make some of the cutest pictures and babies monkeys never fail to make the cut. They are not only make cute pictures but also make some hilarious ones too.

For these three cuties here, three is not a crowd, it is still company. I love this rather serious bunch of baby monkeys. I wonder what kind of conversation they are having. Perhaps the older one Mr.White who is in the middle is teaching the younger ones about what they can eat and what to avoid. Mr Gray is so caught up in taking care of Mr Black while eating the leaves.

This composition is very special to me because of the hues, textures and expressions on their wizened faces. Monkeys never fail to interest me.

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    Do you like monkeys? Do you find them cute?

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    Will you tell me what kind of conversation you think these three guys are having in the comments?

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Written by Dawn

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  1. Mr. White has conveyed the first meeting of the Banana Convention.
    He calls the meeting to order, but sadly the two factions Mr gray and Mr. black refuse to accept the gavel starting the convention and begin an argument.
    Mr. Black “I feel that you are over-consuming banana”
    “Mr gray “I feel you are a banana”
    The conversation devolved from there.

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